Yellowone Handsafe™

The story behind

Yellowone Handsafe™ was developed over a six-year-period (2010 - 2016). It was a collaboration between Yellowone Design and six hospitals from in Denmark. The project was funded by TrygFonden. This was carried out with expert assistance from the Hygiene Organization from Herlev/Gentofte Hospital, The Danish Society for Patient Safety and Staten Serums Institute.


The dispenser is designed and developed by Industrial Designer, Hân Pham from Yellowone Design and Industrial Designer Kent Laursen. It is produced by CamaPlastic ApS in Skive, Denmark.

The design

Yellowone Handsafe™ has three plastic parts and a plastic pump. The design is constructed for easy assembling and disassembling without used of any kind of glue or binder. The purpose of this is reuse and recycling after use.


The shape consists of a pictogram of a hand and supplemented with the word "Disinfection", which together read: "Hand Disinfection". It is a universal idiom that is understood by everyone - even by two-year-old children. This way, the user achieves a clear and visual communication and sends a strong signal value to his or her surroundings that he or she is wearing and hand sanitizer and it’s safe for other to approach, because his or she can exercise hand hygiene right in front of you.


Beside signalizing “safety” and “security”, this product also acts like an ongoing "campaign" that continuously reminding and emphasizing people about the importance of hand hygiene in a natural and human way. No pointing fingers. This friendly design aims to be a kind reminder or role model to the surroundings - an ambassador for good and correct hand hygiene with a twist.


The bottle shape is tapered design for preventing residual waste. This conical shape helps all the gel to be pumped up and emptied, which is a significant improvement comparing to the existing pocket bottles on the market, where typically is a residual waste of approx. 10%, because of their flat bottoms.


YHS is designed so that the user must wear it at all times and cannot displace it. It is personalized and each user has responsibility and control over their own dispenser. Because of lacking access to hand sanitizers in hospital settings, many staff have placing the small pocket bottles and bigger bottle with pumps all over the hospital area for easier access due to the fire danger issue – the fire authorities then have to spend more time of taking these away. With YHS, you will no longer have this problem and also preventing the theft problem as we have witnessed during this Covid-19 situations around the world, where people have taking hand sanitizers from hospitals.

The use of Yellowone Handsafe™

The dispenser is fastened by a clip to the outside of a cauldron, trouser pocket, belt, tote bag, shopping bag or school bag. With one hand, pressing twice on top to dispense the recommended 3 ml of alcogel into the center of the hand palm. Hand disinfection is thoroughly rubbed until hands and wrists are dry for approx. 30 seconds.


The user has easy access to hand disinfection without having to move. Yellowone Handsafe™ provides the right access at the right place and in the right time, as recommended by WHO. It is always located where it should be - at your fingertips - regardless of infrastructure and complex situations.


The dispenser is designed to be easy and intuitive to use and can be implemented instantly everywhere - regardless of country, cultural differences, different infrastructures, situations and industries.



Glostrup Hospital's Neonatal and Children's Department was the first place in Denmark to have an MRSA outbreak in 2008. After a year of many measures and effords, the department was still battling recurrent MRSA infections.Through the Danish Society for Patient Safety, Yellowone Design and Glostrup Hospital collaborated to solve the problem with funding by Trygfonden. The project was later extended to Herlev Hospital, Bispebjerg Hospital, Vejle Hospital, Kolding Hospital, Odense University Hospital and Svenborg Hospital.


The first three-year project period we worked on a specific dispenser which functional principle should be re-fillable (based on a sustainability principle), but in 2013 had to change the whole concept, as the requirement for future hospital products was tightened to disposable items due to product and patient safety matter. For the next three years, we worked purposefully on a single-use model but with reuse and recycling in mind. Throughout the project and the development period, it has been a main focus that the final solution should be easy and fast to implement-especially in terms of price, quality and sustainability.


Yellowone Handsafe™ has been recognized for its unique and functionable design throughout the world. It has won several design awards, including Danish Design Award for "Better Work" in 2016, European Design Awards for "Design for Safety" and "Design for Public Awareness" in 2017.