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Every year hospital-related infections kill 16 million patients around the world. Hand hygiene contributes significantly to keeping patients safe. It is a simple, low cost action to prevent the spread of many of the microbes that cause health-care associated infections. Yet, the hand hygiene compliance among staff is only 40%. Studies show two main reasons for 60% of the staff not washing or cleaning their hands: 1) Hand hygiene is a procedure that takes time. 2) The mobility is high, so they skip hand wash or hand disinfection when an emergency or unpredictable situation occurs and when they are busy.

Yellowone Handsafe has the potential to reach the different groups of staff that today are hard to reach utterly because of its availability. In other words, Yellowone Handsafe supports the different groups of staff’s stages and workflow today and in future hospitals better than the existing solutions. Hans Jørn Kolmos, professor,, Odense University Hospital, Denmark.


Project Yellowone Handsafe aims to improve hand hygiene compliance in Danish hospitals by providing healthcare staff, patients and their relatives better conditions for routinely to disinfect their hands with alcohol based hand rub.

The goal is to design and develop a dispenser that hospital staff can wear on the body, which is easy to use and saving time comparing to the existing products on the market today.

Yellowone Handsafe will promote the use of alcohol-based hand rub to hospital staff, patients and relatives, so everyone can feel safe at any hospitals – and even confidently greeting each other with a good handshake.

Field study

The project was based on neonatal and paediatric departments at Glostrup Hospital (Denmark), because they were struggle with MRSA every three months. We did an in-depth field study about user behaviour and observations on the infrastructure for more than six months. With these insights, we continued with three other hospitals and finally, developed a solution that fits the needs of healthcare staff working in hospitals. See photo above.


Hand hygiene is a procedure that takes time!

The staff avoid hand disinfection when:

– Emergency situations occur

– Unpredictable situations

– they are busy



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