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Yellowone Handsafe is a wearable “point of patient care” alcohol-based hand rub dispenser. The staff has access to hand disinfection without having to leave the patient zone.  See photo above.


Yellowone Handsafe is intuitive and easy to use – it encourages and supports hand disinfection before and after a procedure, as recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO). Yellowone Handsafe allows the health care staff to clean their hands in front of the patient as recommended by WHO experts.


Yellowone Handsafe is single-hand operated. This unique feature is designed to support the human’s intuition and natural behavior. It encourages the staff to disinfect their hands correctly without thinking about it. See photo above.


Yellowone Handsafe increases hand hygiene compliance in hospitals by:


  • supporting the staff’s natural workflow
  • regaining responsibility and control of the individual
  • highlighting professionalism and professional pride
  • establishing trust between staff and patient and their relative


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