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Hand Hygiene Facts


Poor hand hygiene world impact

  • Presently, 60% of all healthcare staff does not comply with hand hygiene as recommended by the World Health Organisation.
  • Poor hand hygiene is the main cause of cross-infection between people.
  • Hospital-acquired infections kill 16 million lives – more than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.
  • In the West, they are the second biggest cause of mortality, tied with strokes.
  • Poor hand hygiene accounts for around 100,000 hospital-infections and 3200 deaths per year in Denmark.
  • It kills 200,000 persons in the United States each year. The equivalent of a 747 airliner crashing every day.
  • Hospital-acquired infections, caused by poor hand hygiene, currently account for 16 million extra bed-days in Europe.

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